Frequently Asked Questions

What Happens in an Event?

Events test your nerves and are fun!

Watch for events in the Main Events section of this site.  As the event begins the retail price drops right before your eyes.  When the price reaches what you'd like to pay for the item simply select "Purchase."  Don't wait too soon though since nobody knows how many others are participating or how many of the item is avaialble.  

How do I pay for the offer I purchased?

Items purchased from a store hosted are processed in the checkout. When viewing the item look for the tab labeled "Payment Methods" where you'll see what methods are available. At checkout you will be able to use those options to make the payment.

What if there's a problem with my order on the store?

The terms for the sale are noted on the item detail page. If you still require assistance, please contact us.

How do I contact the Store owner if I have a question?

Any question you may have for the store owner can be asked. Locate the "Ask a Question" tab on the item detail page.

How do I know if the Store is reputable?

There is a reputation rating section on each item detail of the store. You can also find ratings and comments from previous buyers on the store.

When I try to sign in it is telling me that I have an invalid email/password.

Make sure you have signed up for an account. If not then follow the instructions provided. If you have an account, but are still receiving that message, try clicking on "Lost Password and/or Signin Name?

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