Signing Up

To create your account choose the Sign Up link on the header navigational bar.

When signing up you will be asked to complete a short form which includes standard information such as your contact details, etc.

  • Name
  • Address
  • Phone Number
  • Birthday
  • Email Address
  • User Name and Password

Verifying Your Account

Make sure you are ready to react to a great deal you see when you click "Purchase" or Bid." Once you sign in you'll see a notice and email informing you about verifying your account.  Basically verifying your account means telling us your contact, shipping information and payment details.  Once you've completed this step you'll be able to checkout and purchase. 

To avoid this from happening verify your account now: If someone else completed their checkout before you the item you thought you were buying may be no longer available.

Placing a Bid and Making a Purchase

Participating in an online buying experience can be a thrilling experience.  Here is how it works on this site.

Placing a Bid

Placing a bid on an auction event you are interested in couldn't be easier. View the auction events occurring on the home page or selecting a category of your choice.

As the auction event begins you will see the retail price dropping. Events test your nerves and shopping strategy. Nobody knows who else is participating or how many items are available. Wait to long and you might lose out. Click to early and you might pay to much!

To place a bid select the Bid button on the item detail page. This action will take you to the checkout page. When you've completed the checkout process you win the event. The first to complete the checkout process wins the event.

Making a Purchase

Sellers offering items on the site's auctions can also post other goods for sale on their e-commerce store.  Unlike the auctions these items will only be available for sale at the prices displayed.  

To place a purchase select the Purchase button on the item detail page. This action will take you to the checkout page to complete your purchase.


The item wishlist feature lets you keep a close eye on any item without having to place a bid on it. This feature means you can be kept up to date on what a business is offering and prepares you to grab a great value. You can watch any store by clicking on the "Watch this Item"

Online Payments